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Birth into a family of low socio-economic background and into a people with hardly any educational history and limited opportunities, in the highly stratified and rigid Nepali society, meant a sealed destiny, pretty much!

I wasn’t supposed to have even made it to school, for example. But, not only did I make it and graduate from secondary school and continued my post-secondary school studies in Italy, chasing a near-impossible childhood dream, went on to complete my undergraduate studies in the US!

I didn’t stop there! I got my teaching qualification in Australia and had an extraordinary life working as an international (science) teacher and travelling around the globe.

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Nepalese children can grow wings through education and make their dreams take flight. I know because I did.

To inspire them to dream BIG, to pursue them, and to free themselves from the constraints and limitations of Nepali people, culture, and society, and to live a life of dignity, I give inspirational presentations to children around the country.

In those presentations, I share — among other things — my life story of struggles and challenges arising from the context and circumstances of my birth and how I surmounted them to become who I am today: a humanist who considers himself to be a human being first.

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The following is my Honorary Degree Acceptance speech delivered in front of a graduating class of about 400 undergraduates at Grinnell College in the Summer of 2014. The short (five-minute long) speech is about humanity and how, in the end, what really and truly matters is how one has treated others.

For more videos of, and write-ups about, presentations and speeches click here.

Rating of presentation to students as VERY GOOD or EXCELLENT *
Percentage 86%

* Results based on 203 ratings; last updated March 7, 2020.

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Science education MUST impart the ability to THINK — to think critically!

To think critically is

  • to APPLY knowledge and understanding of concepts, ideas, theories, laws, principles, as well as skills one has learned in the classroom in novel situations and contexts;
  • to ANALYZE such applications and others (such as data and information, and their sources);
  • to EVALUATE the same; and finally
  • to SYNTHESIZE or CREATE ideas and methods etc. from knowledge and understanding of science content and processes.

My science teacher education program focuses on how, as a science teacher, one imparts those critical thinking skills to students in a fun and highly engaging manner and DRAMATICALLY improves their learning outcomes to prepares them for twenty-first century!


The following video is of a session I held for the teachers at a private school in Kathmandu as part of my Teacher Education Program. Starting with something to really grab their attention and then hold it, the session on light and seeing covered a number of different aspects of teaching.

For a complete description of the (Science) Teacher Education program, click here. For additional videos and write-ups about teacher education, click here.

Ratings of day-long sessions by participants as Good, Very Good or Excellent *
Percentage 93%

* Results based on 358 ratings; last updated March 7, 2020.

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Problem Solving Classes t2

‘[I rated today’s session “Very Good” because] [b]est thing that happens in our sessions is that it is never boring and today was no different. Today, not only we solved few mathematical questions but discussed social problems in our society (problem) and also discussed how we can solve (solving) them. Hence this too was a problem solving session!"

Problem Solving (Online) Class, Jan. 16, 2021

Problem-Solving Class t1

‘[I rated today’s session “Excellent” because] [a]t the end of today’s session we learned how we can implement things we learned throughout this journey in our professional life. Although I had thought of this, today we saw a perfect example of it. The whole concept of modeling was new to me and coming to the end of our problem of solving lessons I have not only learned what modelling is but also learned how to apply it.”

Problem Solving (Online) Class, Jan. 9, 2021

NEP Student 1

“[I rated today’s session “Execellent” because] [w]henever I think back to presentation, I remember that if the classes in Nepal would have been more interactive like Dorje Sir’s session, then the students of Nepal would be more active and brilliant regarding their speaking, studies and even listening too. … [T]he classes of Nepal just become boring where the teacher speaks continuously and the students go on listening up to the end.”

Upendra Ghimire

Instructor 2

‘[I rated today’s session “Excellent” because] [i]t encouraged thinking and discussion among students. It was not boring at all which I think is the most important aspect. It is amazing to me how a person can keep you engaged for 6 hours when it is hard to concentrate on a book for an hour.”

Sagar Shah
US Embassy Bookbus Instructor, Sept. 2019

Instructor 1

“[I rated today’s session “Excellent” because] I like it when teacher fails in front of students and then admits to it. Or guides the students to find it out and try and correct him/her. “Dorje dai failed to find out the correct equation. And until we found it out, pretended along. If he did this knowingly, I have respect for him.”

US Embassy Bookbus Instructor, Sept. 2019

Host 4

‘[H]e has indeed inspired many students to never give up on their dreams. … I personally felt moved by what Mr. Dorje Gurung had conveyed in his seminar and am sure he has left a message with all the students that, “What’s impossible can become possible if you are determined enough.”

Mark Arthur James Badger

YHBS Student 1

‘I was privileged with an opportunity to attend your presentation in Young Hearts Boarding High School. “Your story from no one to someone, how you believe you could fly and be something in your life has boosted my confidence and has given me the courage to answer my own questions-“Can I be what I want to be?” to “Yes, I can.”’

Romansheeka Singh

Host 4

“Your story was a touching one since it can be related to most of the people in our country. “My students got motivated and inspired at the same time towards their dreams in life. I personally felt that the presentation showed the students that it is possible to create your own identity in the world. “Thank you so much for your time and effort. It actually makes a difference in the mindset of students.”

Anisha Singh

Dolpo Student 1

“…I got to know that he was also from poor background like myself. His father expected him to be just literate … but he decided to dedicate his life for inspiring and motivating others. “I also got the opportunity to learn that he faced many obstacles to reach his destination. He taught me to ‘never give up’ and be strong. Lastly, I want to thank you Mr. Dorje for inspiring and giving me new hope to pick up my days to come.

Tsering Choezom

Host 3

“He both began and ended his presentation with a simple argument “If I did…why not you?” to demonstrate that he shared his powerful story. … Although the struggles he went through were not so new to the children in the class, his achievements were. That I thought was the most significant part of the presentation. “Many students were moved and inspired. They were convinced indeed that one day they can also realize their dreams despite the obstacles to which many of them were born into.”

Phurwa Dhondup
Presentation Organizer, July 2016

SMD Student 1

“YOUR PRESENTATION was really interesting and inspiring. What inspired me the most was that through education we all can grow wings and realize our potential to develop the country or to help other human beings. “Thank-you for the wonderful and meaningful presentation. It meant a lot to me.”

Tsomo Lama
Student B23a, Class 10 / SMD Boarding School, July 2016

Host 2

My students and I were captivated as Dorje spoke about his travels around the globe and the life he lives on his own terms. We were interested and inspired to hear about the role compassion and humanity have played in his life, as well as the lessons he learned growing up in Nepal. “The opportunities he has had…were impressive. He spoke about how he has evolved after receiving the education he did and mentioned that his world travels inspired him to give back to his country. … “His comments sparked many conversations afterwards and I could see he could be an integral part of any organization interested in global studies and introducing students to a kind and compassionate role model. “Dorje Gurung is an inspiration and it was an honor to have had him in my classroom and at our school.”

Lauren Silver

Host 1

“My two courses had a unique experiences with him. “For the older students we [received] a talk from Dorje on karma, his life experiences and the power of always putting your best self forward. [With the] younger students [he gave a presentation focusing] on his upbringing and [his] current work [in Nepal]. “The Freshman Scholars were able to connect personally with some of his struggles with poverty and it gave them some perspective on the opportunity they had at a school as successful as Burr and Burton Academy. “Both groups…were impressed with his story and enjoyed listening to him speak. Dorje’s soft demeanor allowed the students to absorb his teachings in an easy manner and with an open heart. “I highly recommend that anyone who has an opportunity to engage with Dorje personally or with students take full advantage of it.”

Jason Pergament


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