Topic 2. Atomic Structure and Quantitative Chemistry


Activities and Demonstrations

Balancing Chemical Equations
A couple of games to help you master how to balance chemical equations, and other games.
Empirical Formula Determination
Demonstrates the steps involved in the determination of empirical formula from elemental analysis data.
Limiting and excess reagent and quantity of product  
Shows mass relationship between reactants in several type of reactions. You set the amount of one of the reactants at a fixed value and add incremental amount of the second. The page plots the amount of one of the products formed. 

Web Resources  

Great page describing all aspects of Stoichiometry: formula, balancing chemical equations,  balancing redox equations, nomenclature, mass relationships etc.  

Atomic, molecular, and formula masses.  

More on the mole and chemical formula.


Real world application of concepts covered in this topic