You know you have been living abroad too long when...
You know you have been traveling (moving) around too long when...
All-time Favorite Albums
The best and the worst
Major cities visited or lived in
My Role Models (people and characters I want to emulate when I grow up!)

You know you have been living abroad for too long when

  1. you have acquired a completely foreign accent.
  2. you think and dream in a language other than your own mother tongues (yes tongues!).
  3. you have lost your sense of how expensive or cheap things are (when you have paid anywhere from 50 cents to 15 dollars (US) for a 300 ml bottle of beer for example!).
  4. you compare costs with not only your home country but four or five other countries (anyway).
  5. you return home you experience not reverse culture shock, as is the norm, but reverse reverse culture shock, basically culture shock.
  6. your home country has become a vacation destination.
  7. you have acquired some not-very-useful skills, such as the ability to
    1. interconvert between five or more different currencies.
    2. recognize and distinguish twenty odd languages (though you might not speak them all!).
    3. recognize a dozen or so different accents.
    4. swear in several different languages.
    5. determine the nationality of the person by just their appearance and/or their gestures and mannerisms.
    6. recognize the handwritings of people from certain countries and regions such as Italy, Hong Kong, Japan etc.
  8. you have celebrated some other holiday (festival) more than your own.

You know you have been traveling (moving) around for too long and too frequently when

  1. in 20 years, you have yet to retain the same residence for two years in a row. (Incidentally, the running total as of October 2007 is 27, spanning 9 countries in 5 continents.)
  2. you have set foot in 29 countries (also in the same number of years).
  3. you live for the journey--the journey becomes more important than the destination, really!
  4. of the material belongings you set out with 20 years ago, no more than two remain--an electric shaver and a tie. (A third one, an old scientific Casio calculator, a very faithful one until the summer of 2003, is no more--it wouldn't display one of the digits correctly!)
  5. you have lost your intuitive sense for the direction you look first before crossing a road; in other words, you have to remind yourself which side of the road people drive on.
  6. every major city begins to look the same--they all have McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Subway, huge sky scrapers, big expensive cars, busy and noisy streets etc. etc., unfortunately.
  7. football means any one of three different sports: American Football, Australian Football, and what the rest of the world calls football!
  8. you use a travel adaptor at home, because your electronic gadgets come from four different systems! (Still missing Swiss!)

All-time Favorite Albums (not in any kind of order):

# Band/Musician Name of Album
1. U2 The Joshua Tree
2. Whitesnake Whitesnake 1987
3. Robert Plant Fate of the Nations
4. Ennio Morricone The Mission (original movie score)
5.   The Last of The Mohicans (original movie score)
6. The Gypsy Kings Mosaique
7. Eros Ramazzotti Tutte Storie
8. Van Halen For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
9. Vangelis Antarctica (original movie score)
10. Yanni In My Time
11. Narayan Gopal Geeti Yatra
12. Scorpions Tokyo Tapes
13. Roy Orbison Mystery Girl
14. Bob Marley Legend
15. Bruce Springsteen Born in The USA
16. Little America Little America
17. Iron Maiden Somewhere in Time
18. Chris Rea Shamrock Diaries
19. Bryan Adams Reckless
20. Gary Moore Wild Frontier
21. Ozzy Osborne No More Tears
22. Juan Luis Guerra Exitos
23. Gilberto Santa Rosa El Caballero de la Salsa


  1. Salsa and Merengue.
  2. Playing the didgeridoo (yidaki in the aboriginal language)--a relatively recent interest, one that I picked up in the fall of 2001. Mastered circular breathing pretty early. I have experimented making my own didgeridoos with poster-mailing tubes, and also taught students.
  3. Still Photography--mainly of landscapes. Whenever I travel, I try to take my Canon camera along. I prefer slides to print. Until recently, I didn't shoot slides outside of Nepal; I was so taken by the wild life in Tanzania, that I had to record them on slides as well! My favorites shots however are still those of mountains at sunrise and sunset. Lately, my camera has not seen much light; few mountains in this part of the world, nowhere near like the ones back home anyway!
  4. Ultimate frisbee (Click here to view a movie clip of the Lilongwe Ultimate Frisbee group at play), hiking, skiing, trekking, scuba diving and traveling are some of my other interests.

The best and the worst

  1. Best banking system: American
  2. Worst banking system: Australian
  3. Best food: Chinese/Hong Kong
  4. Best Chinese food: Vienna, Austria
  5. Worst food: British (Curry is not British!)
  6. Best people: Nepali/Italian
  7. Best Sheesh Kabab: Oslo, Norway
  8. Best city: Vienna, Austria
  9. Most beautiful city: Pokhara, Nepal
  10. Worst Airport: Delhi, India
  11. Worst Diplomatic Mission; Australian
  12. Best Game Park: Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Major cities visited or lived in

  1. Kathmandu, Nepal
  2. Rome, Italy
  3. Milan, Italy
  4. Vienna, Austria
  5. Budapest, Hungary
  6. Lyblijana, Slovenia
  7. Chicago, USA
  8. Bangkok, Thailand
  9. Madrid, Spain
  10. Barcellona, Spain
  11. Geneva, Switzerland
  12. Hong Kong, China
  13. Tokyo, Japan
  14. Manila, Philipines
  15. Oslo, Norway
  16. New Delhi, India
  17. Sydney, Australia
  18. Washington, DC, USA
  19. New York, USA
  20. The Los Angeles, USA
  21. San Francisco, USA
  22. Las Vegas, NV, USA
  23. New Orleans, LA, USA
  24. London, UK
  25. Paris, France
  26. Singapore, Singapore
  27. Jakarta, Indonesia
  28. Athens, Greece

 My Role Models (people and characters I want to emulate when I grow up!)

  1. Yeshe Norbu, better known as The 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso
  2. Ganesh Man Singh
  3. Mohan Das Karamchand Ghandhi, better known as Mahatma Ghandi
  4. Mother Teresa
  5. Spiderman