Welcome to my cyber den.

I am a Tibetan-Buddhist Chemistry/Science teacher with a Jesuit education in a Hindu country (Nepal), an international education in a catholic country (Italy), a liberal arts education in the bastion of freedom and democracy (the US), with teacher-training down under (Australia), but whose choice of musical instrument is Australian (the Didjeridoo), choice of sports is American (Ultimate Frisbee), choice of dance genre is Latin American (Merengue and Salsa), and yet, still, has faith in the permanence and power of change!

After spending the last 25 years years abroad, I have just returned home for a change, to do something completely different: education-related charity work. I am currently working as Education Program Director at Communited Members Interested (COMMITTED), a 501(c)3 registered non-profit based out of Kathmandu and Alexandria, VA.

However, I will still be maintening the resources on this site as and when time permits. Apart from more information about myself (background), my homepage contains a host of pages, as you can see from the menu to the left.

And to run you through their contents...

Dorje's Dooing: A blog detailing education-related charity work I am involved in in Nepa with COMMITTED and general musing about life.

Chemistry: Resources for chemistry students of IB Diploma, GCSE, IGCSE and MYP years 4-5. If you find these free educational resources useful and would like to show your appreciation, click on Donate to give to the charity I am involved with.

Form 3 Science: Resources for 13-year-old science students.

Science Blog: Yet another blog and yet another educational resource. It's all about discrepant events.

Photogallery: This is under construction.

Travel: Just what it says.

Donate: Page with instructions for making donations to the education-related charity work I do in Nepal.

And the last one is self explanatory, as, I am sure, you can see.

Enjoy surfing!